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Investment Migration Programs Health Risk Assessment

Investment Migration Programs Health Risk Assessment

Residence- and citizenship-by-investment –
A health security perspective

In response to the unprecedented and rising global demand among affluent investors for residence- and citizenship-by-investment (RCBI) programs as a means to overcome the limitations and risks of being restricted to a single residence, Deep Knowledge Analytics (DKA) and Henley & Partners are pleased to present the Investment Migration Programs Health Risk Assessment. Read more.


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Investment Migration Programs Health Management
and Risk Readiness Assessment

Groundbreaking research reveals unique insights into residence- and citizenship-by-investment programs

This collaboration between DKA, a DeepTech focused agency that produces advanced analytics using sophisticated technology to deliver insightful market intelligence and pragmatic forecasting, and Henley & Partners, the global leader in residence and citizenship planning, draws on three sets of data: DKA’s Covid-19 Regional Safety Assessment and Henley & Partners’ Global Residence Program Index (GRPI) and Global Citizenship Program Index (GCPI), as published in Investment Migration Programs 2021.

DKA’s original Covid-19 Risk and Safety Assessment classifies, analyzes, and ranks the economic, social, and health stability achieved by 250 countries in the battle against the global health and economic crisis triggered by Covid-19. Henley & Partners’ Investment Migration Programs 2021 provides a systematic analysis and benchmarking of the 31 most important residence and citizenship programs, which are ranked in the GRPI and GCPI. 

The Investment Migration Programs Health Risk Assessment presents a detailed analysis of the 31 countries that host RCBI programs as well as the regions in which they are concentrated, providing fascinating insights into how they performed during the global pandemic and the likelihood of their being oases of longevity in future.

Accompanied by insightful expert commentaries that cover pertinent global and regional aspects, DKA and Henley & Partners are delighted to share this invaluable resource, which we believe will be of great interest to all those seeking longevity for their families and considering investment migration as an option for accessing new opportunities, be they private clients and their advisors, industry professionals, or policy makers wishing to manage investment migration programs in order to achieve fiscal autonomy and economic growth.

A useful new tool for global citizens seeking health security

Before Covid-19, investors chose where to reside based on factors such as quality of life, education options, and travel freedom. Now the biggest drawcards include safety and security, access to first-class healthcare, reliable infrastructure, risk management, and most importantly — better prospects for their families. The more jurisdictions a family can access, the more diversified its assets and opportunities and the lower its exposure to country-specific risk and global instability will be. 

Our Investment Migration Programs Health and Risk Assessment is the perfect tool, designed to ensure that you make the right decision.

The Investment Migration Programs Health Risk Assessment was published on 23 March 2021.


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