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Investment Migration Programs Health Risk Assessment

Investment Migration Programs Health Risk Assessment

Regional insights

Henley & Partners collaborates with leading academics and professional experts in the investment migration space to develop our ideas and remain at the forefront of engagement with our private and government clients as well as intermediaries and other partners. Our esteemed contributors represent every region and are authorities in their fields. Read more.

North America and Caribbean insights

The regional heat maps illustrate each investment migration country’s Covid-19 Regional Safety Assessment score — the darker the blue, the higher the score. Use the search tool or hover over a country to view its Global Residence Program Index score and/or Global Citizenship Program Index score and its Covid-19 Regional Safety Assessment score.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Greg Lindsay

It’s no coincidence the first nation to pre-emptively close its border with the US a year ago tops the Investment Migration Programs Health Risk Assessment. Canada’s quiet competency, deference to authority, and historical “garrison mentality” culminated in the best overall score.

Asia Pacific insights

Europe insights

Europe Delivers Attractive Health Security Investment Migration Options

Varun Sharma

As an investor, diversification of risk and maximization of returns are key. The onset of the pandemic has highlighted a new dimension determining investor interests: health and wellness. Most European nations boast strong universal healthcare systems, but Switzerland and Austria have emerged as the top two investment migration destinations in Europe.

Middle East insights

UAE Ranks First in Emergency Preparedness

Dr. Robert Mogielnicki

The UAE’s small population and strong emergency preparedness capabilities enabled a rapid initial response to the coronavirus pandemic, and the country’s vaccination rate is among the world’s highest. Close coordination between public and private sectors and the high concentration of government-related entities have resulted in consistent messaging that the UAE is a safe destination for global travelers.

The 31 countries that are featured in the Global Residence Program Index and Global Citizenship Program Index are concentrated in five regions — North America, the Caribbean, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. Our independent experts have analyzed the data and augmented their insights with relevant developments in the countries and regions, providing fascinating insights for policy makers, governments, advisors, and global investors interested in participating in investment migration programs.

For those interested in viewing additional interactive graphics, please visit DKA’s website.

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