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Situated on the Balkan Peninsula in Southeastern Europe, Montenegro is known for its magnificent and unparalleled natural beauty. Emerging as a sovereign state in 2006, Montenegro is a member of NATO, uses the euro as its currency, and is an official candidate country for EU membership.


Montenegro Real Estate

Everything you need to know about acquiring premium real estate in Montenegro.


Holding period of real estate



Minimum real estate investment

Not applicable


Type of ownership

Freehold ownership


Rental income opportunity

From 3%




Total Properties 28

Montenegro real estate

Over the past 15 years, local real estate practitioners have enjoyed watching Montenegro emerge as a key second home and property-investor market in the Mediterranean. The Montenegrin real estate market is still an emerging market with a great deal of potential for capital growth, and it has a number of favourable benefits. Montenegro has low real estate tax rates, and a successful citizenship by investment program centered around new hotel developments, which are all helpful in the development and advancement of the real estate market in the country.

Acquisition of property in Montenegro

Acquisition of real estate in Montenegro, operationally, is executed before a notary public in the form of a Sale and Purchase Agreement, following an established model. In addition to the Sales and Purchase Agreement, there is a low level of paperwork required that is also completed with the assistance of the notary.

Are there any restrictions on the acquisition of property in Montenegro by foreign buyers?

There are no legal restrictions on foreigners buying property in Montenegro.

How can immovable property in Montenegro be acquired?

Immovable property in Montenegro can be acquired locally or remotely (that is, it is not essential to be in the country at the time of acquisition). Property can be purchased via a certified Power of Attorney, wherein a representative may complete the entire purchase procedure on the applicant’s behalf.

Does the applicant need to open a bank account in order to purchase property, and if so, what is the procedure?

The buyer is not obliged to open a bank account in order to purchase property in the country.

What kind of returns can be expected from property investment in Montenegro?

The net yield average is 4,5% in Montenegro for property investments.

How is rental income taxed?

Rental income tax is fixed at 15%.

What additional expenses will the real estate transaction incur?

Anyone purchasing a property in Montenegro is subject to notary fees which are around 0.01% of the real estate value. Additionally, translation fees apply if the applicant personally purchases the property in Montenegro, since Montenegrin is the official language that notaries are required to use. The fee for this is about EUR 50 per hour of translation. Alternatively, certification fees of the Power of Attorney apply. Should the owner decide to sell the property to market, a 3% tax applies, payable by the buyer, in this case, the owner must pay a profit tax of 15% depending on the amount of the profit.

What other immovable property-related taxes and charges are imposed in Montenegro? 

The real estate tax rate is proportional, and it ranges from 0.25% to 1%, depending on the property’s location, market value, the municipality where it is located, the quality of the facility, and similar conditions. It is payable annually.

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