The Italy Residence-by-Investment Program

To qualify for residence status in Italy, applicants can choose to invest in either of the following two program options:


Investor Visa Program


Satisfy one of the following three requirements:

  • A minimum of EUR 2 million in Italian government bonds
  • A minimum of EUR 1 million in Italian corporate bonds or shares (reduced to EUR 500,000 if investing in innovative start-ups). Listed or publicly traded shares are also an eligible investment and can be deposited abroad.
  • A minimum of EUR 1 million in projects of public interest in Italy, such as culture, education, ecology, immigration management, research and development, arts, and heritage. This is a nonrefundable donation.

The investment needs to be maintained during the validity of the visa. A spouse, children, and dependent parents of the main applicant may also request a visa without additional investment.


Elective Residence Program


A further qualifying option, the Elective Residence Program is suitable for individuals who can prove their stable annual income at a certain quantity from abroad.

The investment needs to be maintained during the validity of the visa. The process of obtaining the visa takes 90–120 days from the date of application.

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