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Best Investment Migration Real Estate Index 2022

A unique new analytical tool to assist global citizens and investors considering real estate-linked investment migration options with making strategic choices about where best to live, study, work, invest, and retire.

Best Investment Migration Real Estate Index 2022

Our methodology

The Best Investment Migration Real Estate Index features 16 countries hosting the world’s most attractive investment migration programs with real estate options. 

The framework comprises 12 top-level parameters representing the factors most important to high- and ultra-high-net-worth investors who are considering investing in real estate to acquire alternative residence or an additional citizenship. Each parameter consists of a matrix of between one to four sub-parameters (numeric value or the score in nature) that relate to the specific topic, analytical focus, and end-point of their parent parameter. Sub-parameters are the numeric values or scores that are constructed based on quantitative or qualitative data from a range of reputable, publicly available sources.

  • Reputation — the Reputation score according to Henley & Partners’ Investment Migration Programs report
  • Quality of Life — the Quality of Life score according to Henley & Partners’ Investment Migration Programs report
  • GDP — gross domestic product of the country
  • Investment Amount — the minimum real estate investment amount required by the relevant investment migration program
  • Rental Income    — the potential income investors may receive for the use or occupation of their property if it is let, taking into account tax and homeowner costs  
  • Property Costs — additional costs associated with the property purchase that should be considered, such as agency fees, capital gains tax, stamp duty, and the stability of the local currency 
  • Processing Efficiency — the processing time of the application for the relevant investment migration program, and the quality thereof
  • Holding Period — the length of time investors must retain ownership of real estate according to the requirements of the relevant investment migration program
  • Residence Requirements — the length of time investors are required to reside in the country that hosts the relevant investment migration program
  • Restrictions — any limitations on the type of real estate that can be acquired, the location, the usage, the ownership, whether it can be sub-let, and so on
  • Salability — the liquidity of the asset
  • Crypto-Friendliness — the state of crypto-currency regulation in the country, including national recognition, laws introduced, banking industry development, and so on

The index utilizes a combination of publicly available databases (including but not limited to indexes and regional statistics), as well as manually curated and researched quantitative data obtained using search engines and derived from media, international organizations, and government reports. In adopting this approach, the present analysis attempts to find an optimal balance between using transparent and reliable sources of data and including data that is obtainable from expert consultation only.

Every value is presented in such a way that a higher value is associated with more favorable conditions:

  • Initially, a range of questions frequently asked by investors regarding real estate investment for acquiring residence or citizenship, when assessing the attractiveness of investment migration programs in this regard, was considered. Relevant indicators were identified by experts and grouped into 12 parameters, most of which consist of several sub-parameters. The end result is an assessment of each country’s investment migration program in terms of real estate investment. During the formation of the integrated score, indicators were selected by experts and distributed among the subsystems (parameters as groups of sub-parameters) to form an assessment of each country’s investment migration program in terms of real estate. 
  • Next, after the research had been conducted and the data had been collected, indicators were divided into stimulators and de-stimulators on the principle that the relationship between the integrated assessment and the indicator-stimulator was direct, and with the indicator–de-stimulator, the relationship was inverse. 
  • Indicators consisting of numeric values are ranged between 5 and 10, assuming that the countries in the index already perform well due to their investment profiles and therefore cannot be 0-valued, and are constructed on the basis of the following equations:

    For indicators–stimulators: x = (x–Min(x))/(Max(x)–Min(x))*10
    For indicators–de-stimulators: x = (Max(x)-x)/(Max(x)-Min(x))*10,
    where Min(x) and Max(x) are the lowest and highest actual values, respectively, for any given indicator.
  • The parameter values are calculated by summing up equally weighted indicator scores: 

    Parameter score = ∑ equally weighted sub-parameters
  • The final cumulative ranking scores are obtained by summing 12 categories for each country:

    Final score = ∑ parameters’ scores

Among the data sources Deep Knowledge Analytics consulted are aicep Portugal GlobalABIA - Antigua and Barbuda Investment AuthorityCEIC DataCitizenship by Investment Saint LuciaCommunity Malta AgencyDominica Citizenship by Investment UnitEconomic Development Board MauritiusEnterprise GreeceGlobal Property GuideGovernment of St.Kitts and NevisGrenada Citizenship by Investment - Government of Grenada; Henley & Partners’ Global Residence Program Index; Henley & Partners’ Global Citizenship Program Index; Invest CyprusMontenegrin Investment AgencyPresidency of the Republic of Türki̇ye - Investment Office; PwC’s Worldwide Tax Summaries OnlineThailand EliteThe Global EconomyWorld Bank Data; and The United Arab Emirates' Government portal  

All the data available in the Best Investment Migration Real Estate Index is licensed by our licensor, Deep Knowledge Analytics Limited. Henley & Partners Group Holdings Ltd is not responsible for its correctness. The data posted in the Best Investment Migration Real Estate Index is freely accessible for private non-commercial use only.


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