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Best Investment Migration Real Estate Index 2022

A unique new analytical tool to assist global citizens and investors considering real estate-linked investment migration options with making strategic choices about where best to live, study, work, invest, and retire.

Best Investment Migration Real Estate Index 2022

Top 10 investment migration real estate options in each parameter

Select a parameter in the interactive chart below to reveal the top-performing residence and citizenship by investment programs when it comes to the host country’s reputation, quality of life, and GDP, as well as the minimum real estate investment amount required, potential rental income, associated property costs, application processing efficiency, any holding period or residence requirements, salability, and finally, crypto-friendliness, which is becoming increasingly important among global investors. 

This tool will be of significant interest to anyone comparing real estate-linked investment migration options as the data provides valuable insights into the top 10 programs in each parameter, taking into account certain scores on the Global Residence Program Index and the Global Citizenship Program Index published in the Investment Migration Programs report.


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