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Henley Global Mobility Report

The Henley Global Mobility Report is a unique publication featuring commentary by leading scholars and experts on major trends influencing mobility patterns. Grounded in geopolitical analysis and focusing on the unprecedented global challenges and risks shaping our world — climate change, conflict and political upheaval, technological disruption, economic crises, and demographic imbalances — this quarterly report offers exclusive insights into what we can expect in the months to come.

Henley Global Mobility Report

Travel Mobility Trends

The latest Henley Passport Index results for Q2 2022 again emphasize the widening divide between wealthy and developing countries when it comes to global mobility. Citizens of the world’s wealthiest nations can visit the vast majority of the countries worldwide without requiring a visa, whereas those from poorer places which are also among the most vulnerable to climate change can only travel freely to a fraction of the destinations. The benefit of a second or even third passport is often simply peace of mind and the knowledge that in the event of a catastrophe caused by conflict or climate change, relocation and repatriation are possible.


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