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The Crypto Wealth Report

Henley & Partners’ inaugural publication for those following crypto assets and private wealth, and investment migration trends — whether global citizens, crypto investors, wealth managers, or private bankers. The report includes exclusive statistics on crypto and Bitcoin millionaires, centi-millionaires, and billionaires provided by global wealth intelligence firm New World Wealth, as well as insights from leading academics, industry experts, and crypto players. It also features Henley & Partners’ Crypto Adoption Index, which compares the best investment migration programs for crypto investors. Read the methodology here.

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To the Moon

Henley & Partners assesses the best investment migration program options for digital asset investors who want to craft a tailored portfolio of alternative residence permits and citizenships that protects both their lifestyle and wealth in these disruptive and volatile times.



With its innovative ecosystem and supportive community, Singapore takes the leading position in the Crypto Adoption Index. The government cooperates closely with all actors — banks, businesses, and the public — for the optimal development of the national crypto sector, and the city-state’s crypto taxes are beneficial to individuals and investors alike, with no capital gains taxes.

Find out more about residence by investment in Singapore here.



With a well-established crypto infrastructure, robust legal framework, and a reputation for privacy and security, Switzerland offers a unique blend of traditional financial strength and cutting-edge innovation, making it an attractive hub for wealth preservation and global mobility in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

Find out more about residence by investment in Switzerland here.



The UAE stands out as a leading jurisdiction for crypto investors, with its strong public adoption score evidencing a vibrant interest in the crypto ecosystem. The Middle Eastern powerhouse also offers favorable tax policies and a high level of economic stability.

Find out more about residence by investment in the UAE here.

Hong Kong


Hong Kong’s diverse and open approach to cryptocurrencies positions it as a favorable destination for a wide range of crypto enthusiasts. Its robust blockchain infrastructure and progressive regulatory framework make it a noteworthy consideration for individuals seeking to navigate the evolving cryptocurrency landscape while safeguarding their financial interests.

Find out more about residence by investment in Hong Kong here



As a global financial leader, the USA closes the Top 5 crypto-friendly jurisdictions offering investment migration programs. America’s robust infrastructure, thousands of crypto start-ups, and high public interest underpin the nation's role in driving blockchain advancements.

Find out more about residence by investment in the USA here



Australia has been at the forefront of regulatory efforts to balance innovation and consumer protection, which has contributed to shaping the country's crypto ecosystem. The approach to the crypto industry “Down Under” is positive, with a strong focus on responsible innovation and consumer protection. 

Find out more about residence by investment in Australia here



The UK’s innovation and technology landscape is underscored by extensive research institutions and a forward-looking approach to blockchain exploration. While its stable economy and clear taxation policies create an attractive investment climate, potential stakeholders should remain attuned to evolving regulations to maximize their crypto engagement benefits.

Find out more about residence by investment in the UK here



Canada is considered crypto-friendly while maintaining a cautious stance. The country boasts a well-established infrastructure for cryptocurrency exchanges and is among the top 10 in terms of crypto adoption. However, its careful approach reflects the evolving trends and regulations in the dynamic crypto landscape.

Find out more about residence by investment in Canada here



Malta’s reputation as the “Blockchain Island” has been bolstered by government initiatives to foster innovation, attract blockchain businesses, and provide regulatory clarity. The economically stable Mediterranean island nation shows potential in infrastructure adoption and tax-friendliness, driven by its regulatory initiatives, but there is room for improvement in terms of public adoption.

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As Malaysia explores the evolving cryptocurrency landscape, its government is in the early stages of creating a regulatory framework. The country’s burgeoning crypto community and the emergence of numerous start-ups highlight its potential to become a promising center for blockchain innovation in the Asian region.

Find out more about residence by investment in Malaysia here



Thailand has established itself as a forward-looking jurisdiction with regulations that embrace innovation within the crypto sector. The country’s cultural openness further enhances its potential as a hub for cryptocurrency development. While Thailand has made significant strides in fostering a welcoming environment, there are ongoing discussions about refining and clarifying certain aspects of its regulatory framework to ensure continued growth.

Find out more about residence by investment in Thailand here.



The Netherlands demonstrates a balanced interest in digital currencies, maintaining steady engagement in the crypto space. With a cautious yet growing infrastructure and a proactive stance towards fostering innovation and technology, the Netherlands showcases promising potential for sustained growth in its crypto landscape.

Find out more about residence by investment in the Netherlands here



Italy’s crypto ecosystem presents a mixed landscape, with areas of potential growth and challenges. While the number of crypto owners might be relatively high, the limited public interest suggests room for increased engagement. Additionally, a lack of clarity in terms of regulation and taxation poses potential hurdles, creating an environment that combines promise with uncertainties in the cryptocurrency space.

Antigua and Barbuda


Antigua and Barbuda’s innovative approach to technology, coupled with its reputation as a hub for online gaming and financial services, contributes to its interest in the blockchain industry. While crypto infrastructure is in its early stages, the presence of crypto ATMs and digital asset exchanges, as well as government-backed projects, signify the country’s gradual exploration of the technology’s potential.

Find out more about citizenship by investment in Antigua and Barbuda here



Austria maintains a favorable stance towards digital currencies, as evidenced by the regulatory framework set up by its Financial Market Authority. However, the country’s historical inclination towards stability and regulation has led to a cautious approach within the cryptocurrency sector.

Find out more about residence by investment in Austria here.

New Zealand


New Zealand stands out as a pioneer by becoming the first country to support the option of crypto-salaries, showcasing its progressive stance in embracing emerging financial technologies. However, while this move demonstrates innovation, there are ongoing discussions about the regulatory considerations and potential implications associated with such practices.

Find out more about residence by investment in New Zealand here.



Monaco, renowned for its prestigious status and upscale appeal, has been drawing interest in the realm of cryptocurrencies through its strategic initiatives. This convergence of luxury and digital advancements has piqued curiosity among individuals interested in exploring the potential of digital wealth within Monaco’s distinctive environment.

Find out more about residence by investment in Monaco here.



With an engaged community of crypto users and a commitment to fostering blockchain education, Portugal’s progressive approach aligns well with its emerging crypto infrastructure, marked by integration with banking systems and digital asset exchanges. Nevertheless, the relatively low number of government-supported initiatives and lack of regulatory clarity create opportunities for further advancement.

Find out more about residence by investment in Portugal here.



Cyprus is considered a prime location for the fintech industry and a haven for pioneering blockchain start-ups. The Cypriot government is taking a very positive stance on digital currency and infrastructure for the growth of talent in this area.

Find out more about residence by investment in Cyprus here.



Mauritius, known for its proactive efforts to establish itself as a fintech hub, has embarked on initiatives to promote blockchain adoption and technological innovation. The Indian Ocean island nation scores highly in tax-friendliness, ranking third overall in this parameter.

Find out more about residence by investment in Mauritius here.



Luxembourg enjoys a favorable financial reputation and offers an innovative environment for crypto investors, but public adoption of cryptocurrencies is low and tax rates are relatively high. While the country offers a conducive environment for financial activities, these factors may impact the widespread integration of cryptocurrencies among the general population.

Find out more about residence by investment in Luxembourg here.

St. Kitts and Nevis


St. Kitts and Nevis has recently gained the reputation as a “go-to” jurisdiction among crypto investors. The dual-island nation offers crypto-friendly asset protection, pro-crypto banking, and a zero-tax policy.

Find out more about citizenship by investment in St. Kitts and Nevis here.



Greece is displaying a developing interest in the cryptocurrency realm amid evolving economic dynamics, marked by educational initiatives aimed at fostering its emerging crypto landscape. While Greece has not yet implemented specific regulations for cryptocurrency taxation, its steps towards embracing digital assets reflect a notable shift in approach.

Find out more about residence by investment in Greece here.



Türkiye’s interest in fostering innovation is evident through its engagement in various crypto-related activities, although certain regulatory measures, such as its ban on cryptocurrency payments, reflect a cautious stance. The country’s cryptocurrency landscape remains dynamic, with potential for growth and evolution in both adoption and regulation.

Find out more about citizenship by investment in Türkiye here



Montenegrin authorities recognize the high potential of cryptocurrency for the national economy and take strategic steps to attract investments and develop the country’s blockchain sector. Although Montenegro currently lacks legal regulation for cryptocurrency trading, there are indications that the government is contemplating drafting legal acts in this domain.

Find out more about residence by investment in Montenegro here.



Namibia’s developing cryptocurrency landscape offers prospects for those inclined to embrace the digital future, even though the current innovation and technology infrastructure falls short of meeting comprehensive crypto requirements. The nation showcases robust government commitment and enthusiastic public support, reflecting its growing interest in the realm of cryptocurrencies.

Find out more about residence by investment in Namibia here.


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