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Henley Global Citizens Report

A bespoke publication for those who follow private wealth and investment migration trends — from high-net-worth investors and their advisors, to industry professionals, and policy makers looking to leverage residence or citizenship by investment programs to support economic growth and employment creation. Featuring exclusive data highlighting the world’s wealthiest cities with the most millionaires, accompanied by global and regional investment migration and private wealth insights, this is a must-read for anyone interested in investment migration and millionaire hotspots.

Henley Global Citizens Report

Cities continue to draw global investors

Cities are centers of opportunity, innovation, prosperity, and culture, and leading capitals perennially attract wealthy families for numerous reasons, from business opportunities to luxury real estate, to top-tier education institutions and world-class private healthcare facilities, to cosmopolitan environments that cannot be found elsewhere. More and more high-net-worth investors are exploring investment migration solutions that offer location fluidity and optionality, enabling them to live and conduct their businesses across a range of jurisdictions.

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