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Henley Global Citizens Report

A bespoke publication for those who follow private wealth and investment migration trends — from high-net-worth investors and their advisors, to industry professionals, and policy makers looking to leverage residence or citizenship by investment programs to support economic growth and employment creation. Featuring exclusive high-net-worth-individual migration and private wealth data alongside global and regional insights, this is a must-read for anyone interested in millionaires on the move.

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Henley Global Citizens Report

Investment migration for wealth preservation

The unique confluence of war, climate crisis, and pandemic have created new pressure points globally. Interest and investment in alternative residence and additional citizenship options as a hedge against risk and a mechanism to create new opportunities is at an all-time high across the globe — in every region. To guide investors, Henley & Partners and wealth management experts from leading firms in key regions share their perspectives on current private wealth and investment migration trends.


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