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Top Tier Programs


Canada is well known for a high standard of living, a clean environment, a low crime rate and excellent infrastructure, and scores very highly in reputation and quality of life on the GRPI. Enquire now


Malta is a country strategically located at the center of the Mediterranean, and boasts an excellent reputation with a splendid climate, very friendly people, and a low crime rate, offering its people a great quality of life. Enquire now


Portugal boasts an excellent reputation, with a very high Human Development Index ranking, and is considered one of the world's most globalized and peaceful nations with a great quality of life. Enquire now


Switzerland ranks among the top countries in the world to live in due to its overall quality of living, with Zurich and Geneva frequently nominated as among the best cities in which to reside. Enquire now

Residence Programs


Australia remains an attractive destination for those seeking permanent residence abroad. Permanent residents are required to spend at least two years of a five-year period in Australia, or demonstrate significant ties to Australia, in order to maintain their residence status. Enquire now


Austria is one of Europe's wealthiest countries, offering an extremely high quality of life to its people. Enquire now


Cyprus is known for its beautiful Mediterranean beaches, and is home to many historical monuments included in UNESCO's World Heritage List. Enquire now


Greece is an increasingly popular destination for those seeking alternative residence. Successful applicants and their families are able to benefit from visa-free access to Europe’s Schengen Area within two months of applying. Enquire now

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the world's freest economy (Heritage Foundation 2014) and is the 10th largest trading economy in the world. Enquire now


Italy is the birthplace of the Renaissance and is a country steeped in culture and history. Boasting over 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Italy has more than any other country and showcases some of the greatest treasures the world has to offer. Enquire now


Jersey is not only known for its scenic beauty; it also enjoys a high European standard of living and offers a variety of options for leisure, eating-out and cultural activities. Enquire now


Latvia is situated in Northern Europe on the Baltic Sea and is known for its rich heritage, incredible local cuisine, and stunning mix of art nouveau and medieval architecture. Latvia’s residence by investment program is one of the most affordable and quickest residence options in Europe. Enquire now


Malaysia is one of Southeast Asia’s most vibrant economies, due to its continued industrial growth and political stability over the past few decades. Enquire now


Monaco is an independent sovereign state established since 1297 and has traditionally been the residence of choice of the wealthiest and most famous individuals. Enquire now

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the world’s most stable and well-governed nations and offers an attractive destination for investment, business and raising a family. Enquire now


Singapore is considered one of the world’s best places to live, and is frequently voted best Asian city due to its excellent infrastructure and public services. Enquire now


Thailand is one of the most sought-after destinations in Southeast Asia, offering an affordable, yet high standard of living as well as a beneficial tax regime. Enquire now

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the most attractive places in the world to live and do business. Its capital, London, is a leading global city, and alongside New York — the world’s most influential financial center. Enquire now

United States of America

United States remains one of the most desired destinations for migrants and investors from all over the world. Enquire now